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Women’s Golf Seniors Share Memorable Experiences
Release: 05/08/2013
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CHARLESTON, S.C. – The 2013 College of Charleston senior class came in and made a splash immediately as they qualified for the NCAA Regional Championship in their freshman year. The team has almost doubled in size since that first year and the program has continued its tradition of excellence.

Seniors Vanessa Koechli, Katharina Boehm, Ainhoa Nogales, Anna Martin and Walker McLear have all contributed to the growth of the program.

On the experience at the College of Charleston and on the golf team?

 Ainhoa: “For me it was the first time I had come to the United States and I did not know what to expect. My coach since the first day has been very helpful. The school was very helpful and I came with other freshmen, so that also helped me adjust. During my time on the team I have seen a big positive growth. I think we have become more competitive. I feel like Charleston is a very unique place to come to and there is history all around you.”

Kathy: “Charleston is definitely different from Europe as I grew up in Germany. It was a great experience going to school here, living in Charleston and being on the golf team. It’s nice to take aspects from both cultures and put them together. Everyone in Charleston has been so nice and welcoming and it’s been a great place to be.”   

 Walker: “Being on a team was super important to me. I’ve never not been on a team. I got a lot of my best friends from being on the golf team. Golf has definitely been my rock through this whole experience. By having teammates from Spain, Germany and Mexico, I learned a lot about a lot of different cultures.”

 On a memorable experience?

 Vanessa: “We missed our flight coming back from LSU last year and we couldn’t get out for two or three more days, so we ended up having to rent a car to take us back. It was the five of us and coach all crammed into this SUV. It was a 16 hour road trip back to Charleston. That was one of the best memories, because it was just a debacle and it ended up being so funny and a great team bonding experience.”

On having teammates from around the world?

 Anna: “My freshman year was a shock because I had never really had friends from outside of where I grew up in South Carolina. It was a culture shock and we had trouble understanding each other, but know we get along great and are the best of friends. I think I grew up a lot in the whole experience and learned a lot about people from all over the world and their cultures.”

For more information and reflection on the five women’s golf seniors, click on the video links to see their interviews.

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